The True Potential of wNFTs: A Use Cases Series by

An introduction

Over the last few years, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have captured the public’s imagination as they changed the way we perceive digital art and collectibles. However, while NFTs have been mainly associated with digital art and collectibles, the technology behind them gives them much greater flexibility and potential for a wide range of applications that can improve our lives.

At, our mission is not only to make NFTs accessible but also to show the scale of possibilities they present and educate more people on how to explore their potential effectively.

We believe in the immense utility and tangible benefits of NFTs. With this in mind, we’ll be sharing a series of brief articles, made to serve as a compass guiding you through the various applications and purposes of wNFTs (and their connection within various industries). Each episode will showcase a different and specific use.

So, without further ado, here’s the first topic in our series:

#1. Ticketing and Events:

Many platforms and events are already leveraging wNFTs for ticketing, including SourceLess’s recent sponsorship of the Stage Tournament Rock Music Festival. Tickets for this electrifying music event were sold on our platform using our STR cryptocurrency.

Why wNFTs for Ticketing?

Authenticity and Security: wNFTs are authenticated and secured on the blockchain. This ensures that each ticket is unique and cannot be duplicated, significantly reducing the risk of theft and counterfeiting.

Easy Transfer and Resale: Tickets represented as wNFTs can be easily transferred or resold through blockchain networks. This eliminates the need for intermediaries and can even allow event organizers to earn a commission on secondary sales.

Personalized Experience: wNFT tickets can be integrated with special features or rewards. For example, a concert ticket could grant access to exclusive merchandise or a meet-and-greet with the artist.

Data Insights for Organizers: Event organizers can gain insights into ticket sales and audience demographics through blockchain data, allowing for more targeted marketing and improved event planning.

Eco-Friendly: Digital wNFT tickets minimize the need for paper-based physical tickets, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability.

That’s it for now, digital folks!

See you on the next part of our series where we will explore another cool and useful application of wNFTs. At, we remain committed to revealing the true potential of the hybrid blockchain technology. 🙌

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